Human Resources Solutions

Best practice HR within minutes

DiffuzeHR delivers a best practice HR system and the smarts required to systemize and simplify, ramp your professionalism, and gain proactive control.

Decrease your admin time

Every aspect of the system is streamlined for maximum efficiency – saving time for both managers and employees. In fact, 87% of our clients have saved up to 10 hours per month on HR admin, with 13% able to reduce their admin staff.

Reduce your legal fees

Forget spending money and wasting time waiting for your lawyer to draw up legal agreements, company policies, management letters and forms. It’s all ready to go, at your fingertips. Over half our customers have saved up to $10,000 annually on legal fees.

Minimise your risks

Have the HR expertise in-house to ensure proactive control, reducing your risk of litigation and giving you completepeace of mind.

Attract and retain staff

You’ll know exactly what to do to find the best staff for your business, and then performance-manage them for success. You’ll also know how to make them feel valued, leading to improved staff retention.

Leverage best-practice expertise

Not only do you get a system, you get the smarts. Every aspect has been developed by industry experts, giving you access to best-practice HR expertise that you couldn’t otherwise afford for maximum professionalism.

And, do it all easily!

We’re passionate about ease-of-use, so the system is intuitive and user friendly. You’ll get a dedicated consultant to thoroughly train your administrator, ensuring your team is up and running and getting maximum bang for buck straight away.

Complete peace of mind

All in all, DiffuzeHR is a very small change in the way you do things for a massive return: hours of time, thousands of dollars, and complete peace of mind!

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